Here are some resources you can use to help spread the word about ranked choice voting (RCV) to encourage your friends to vote Yes On 1 on November 5th (or October 26th if you’re voting early)!


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Sample Posts

Spread the word on social media by using these suggested posts. Feel free to edit to add your voice!

  • Mark your calendars: New Yorkers have a chance to reform our outdated voting system by voting #YesOn1 on November 5th (or beginning October 26th if you’re voting early) to bring #RankedChoiceVoting to NYC.

    Important Dates Coming Up:
    10/26 → Early voting begins
    10/29 → Last day to postmark application for absentee ballot
    11/3 → Last day of early voting
    11/4 → Last day to apply for an in-person absentee ballot
    11/5 → Election Day to vote #YesOn1!
  • Let’s @rankthevotenyc! Like many New Yorkers, we’re planning on voting #YesOn1 to reform our outdated voting system by replacing it with one that empowers voters, saves time and money, and ensures that candidates are bringing their best to all communities:  https://rankthevotenyc.org/ #RankedChoiceVoting.
  • Thinking about voting #YesOn1? You’re in good company. Plenty of organizations, elected officials, and leaders are endorsing our campaign to bring #RankedChoiceVoting to NYC! Let’s @rankthevotenyc and bring a more democratic and more fair electoral system to our city: https://rankthevotenyc.org/
  • If we had #RankedChoiceVoting NYC, it would go into effect in primary and special elections by 2021. Help improve our outdated voting system, by voting #YesOn1 on Nov. 5, or beginning Oct. 26 if you’re voting early! Head over to @rankthevotenyc to learn more.
  • We’re one of many organizations that support @rankthevotenyc. Our city needs to improve its electoral system and vote #YesOn1 on Election Day. Yes on 1 will:
    ✅produce majority winners
    ✅mean candidates will have to pay attention to every community
    ✅save taxpayers time and money

    Head over to @rankthevotenyc to learn more about why we need to change how elections are run and won.
  • We’re voting #YesOn1 to bring #RankedChoiceVoting to NYC on November 5. What’s RCV? Well, instead of voting for just 1 candidate, voters can rank their top 5 candidates in our local primary and special elections. If voters still want to vote for just one candidate, they can. Follow our friends at @rankthevotenyc to learn more.


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