Meet Your (mock) Candidates

Mr Chips

Mr. Chips

The Competent Crisp
Chi Chi

Chi Chi Chicharrones

It’s in the Bag
Gladys Gummies

Gladys Gummies

Sticking to the Rainbow
Poppy Pocorn

Poppy Popcorn

Get Things Popping
Gia Ginger

Gia Ginger Chews

Zest and Rest
Parker Pretzels

Parker Pretzels

Don’t Get It Twisted
Coco Chocolates

Coco Chocolates

Multiple Mouthfuls, a Clear Choice
Zhangy Sour

Zhangy Sour Straws

Stirring it Up

Fuego Tortilla Chips

Hot Like a NY Summer
Figgy Bars

Figgy Bars

Figuratively the Best

Practice Ranking the Bodega Snacks

Rank up to 5 snacks. Mark no more than 1 oval in each column.

Rank up to 5 candidates. Mark no more than 1 oval in each column.1st
Mr. Chips মি. চিপস米斯達薯片미스터 칩스
Chi Chi Chicharrones চি চি চিচারোনস্淇淇炸豬皮치 치 딱딱
Gladys Gummies গ্লাডিস গামিস葛拉蒂絲軟糖글래디스 구미
Poppy Popcorn পপি পপকর্ণ珀彼爆米花양귀비 팝콘
Gia Ginger Chews জিয়া জিঞ্জার 基阿지아 생강 츄
Parker Pretzels পার্কার প্রিটজেলস্ 派克蝴蝶脆餅파커 프레즐
Coco Chocolates কোকো চকোলেটস্可可巧克力코코 초콜릿
Zhangy Sour Straws জঙ্গি সাওয়ার স্ট্রস張基酸味吸管糖장이 사워 빨대
Fuego Tortilla Chips ফিউগো টর্টিলা চিপস 火玉米餅籌碼 푸 에고 토틸라 칩
Figgy Bars ফিগি বারস্菲吉能量棒무화과 바
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) allows voters to rank candidates by preference instead of choosing just one. It works like this:

1st Choice: The candidate you love.

2nd choice: The candidate you like.

3rd or 4th choice: The candidate you like slightly less.

5th choice: The candidate you can stand.

You can rank up to 5 candidates, as many or as few as you’d like.

  • More choice, more power!
  • Even if your favorite candidate doesn’t win, you still have a say in who’s elected.
  • You can vote your conscience without worrying that you’re wasting your vote or electing a candidate you don’t like.
  • Ranking a 2nd, 3rd, etc. choice will never hurt your favorite candidate.

Ranked Choice Voting is easy! Instead of choosing just one candidate, you can rank them, from your first choice to your fifth.

Find the name of your first choice and fill in the oval next to their name in the “1st Choice” column. Then find the name of your second choice, and fill in the oval next to their name in the “2nd Choice” column. Continue until you have ranked all the candidates you choose to rank, up to five.

Your vote will count only once for that candidate, so it doesn’t help their chances of winning. If they are defeated in a round,  you don’t have any backup choices to be counted in later rounds. It does not help your favorite candidate to rank them more than once.

Additional Voter Information

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